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Shooting at Goal

I have been playing and running a lot of tournaments recently and there is one rule interaction that seems to get misplayed more than any other – Shooting at Goal.  Shooting at Goal is under Kicking on page 24 of the Season 2 Rule Book (All references to page numbers in this article are from the Season 2 Rule Book).  This is a Kick action that targets the enemy goal-post called a Shot.

Lets go over how a Shot works.  We will use Egret as an example.

Shot 1

Egret is lining up to take a shot.  After she spends one influence and 1 MP to take the shot she needs to look at her Kicking Ability [KICK]


Egret has a [KICK] of 3/8″.  The first number is the base-kick attribute and is the number of dice a model generates and adds to the dice-pool when performing a Kick (p.8).  The second number is the kick-distance that a model may kick the ball-marker (p.8).  Using these stats we see that Egret will roll 3 dice trying for a TN of 4+ on any one of those die.  If she is successful she would score a goal for her team (p.24).  If she is unsuccessful she the ball would scatter from the goal (See So You Just Missed a Shot).

Now is when things get tricky:

Shot 2

Flint is going to try a Shot.


Using Flint’s [KICK] stat he would normally get 3 dice to his dice-pool and is looking at a TN of 4+, but there are some modifiers in this situation.  Flint is being engaged by Obulus.  This would lower his dice pool by [-1] (page 24 part 2 of Kicking Sequence).  Flint cannot see the goal so he would get [+1] to his TN (page 24 part 3 of Kicking Sequence).  Flint now has a dice-pool of 2 and a TN of 5+.

Where most mistakes are made:

Shot 3

Salt is the best selling model in the Guild Ball model range for a good reason.  He is an amazing goal scorer.  Just look at how he squeezed in between all those Butcher players.


Using Salt’s [KICK] stat he would normally have 1 die in his dice-pool and is looking at a TN of 4+, but there are several modifiers in this situation.  Meathook is considered an intervening model because part of her base is on the ball path between Salt and the goal-post.   Due to this, Salt would suffer [-1] to his dice-pool (p.24 part 2 of the Kicking Sequence).  Salt is also engaged by Ox ([-1] to his dice-pool), Boar ([-1] to his dice-pool), and Shank ([-1] to his dice-pool).  This gives Salt a -3 dice pool.  Lucky for Salt modifiers cannot reduce the total dice-pool to less that one [D6] (p.22).  Salt would still be able to roll 1 die looking for a TN of 4+.  He could still Bonus Time! (p.37) to add a single die to his dice-pool and roll 2 dice looking for a TN of 4+. Salt’s TN does not change with these modifiers.

There are a few things that can alter a TN on a Shot.  The first is “If the enemy goal-post is not in LOS of the kicking model then the Shot suffers a [+1] TN” (p.24).  The second is if a model has Goal Defense – “An enemy model that makes a Shot suffers [+1] TN to the Shot while this model is within [4″] of the friendly goal-post”.  This is currently only on Tenderizer (p. 96), Veteran Velocity (p.102) , and given to a model from the Season 2 Plot Card Tracking Back (p. 41).  The third thing is playing the Season 2 Plot Card Tap In – The friendly model gains [-1] TN to the Shot.

I hope this article helps!!





So You Just Missed a Shot


You have planned the perfect shot. Moved your model and rolled the dice… 3,3,2… Now what.

After you scream, yell things, and get laughed at by your opponent the game must go on. What happens next is one of the most common mistakes in GuildBall.

 Obulus has just missed his shot. You do a Kick Scatter (p. 26) from the center of the goal.

 Place the ball-token in the final landing-spot after the scatter. Then the ball-token travels along the path between the original kicking model and the final landing-spot.  If the ball touches any part of the goal, you must use the rule of least disturbance and place the ball-token in base-contact with the goal along the original line of travel (p. 26 and p.39 Barrier)
 The ball-token would be placed here. Obulus would resume his turn as normal, as you only end your activation if you score a goal.

 Using the above rules, if Obulus made the kick(shot) attempt from this position then the ball-token would almost always be placed where he could perform a snap-to action if he missed the shot. If he was base-to-base with the goal then he would be able to snap-to on any missed shot.

Rules That Get Missed

If you are the coach who is kicking off – set up your line then choose a player to have the ball. After your opponent sets up his players – your player with the ball makes up to a full jog then you place the ball up to their full kick distance. Now you generate a dice-pool using your player’s base kick. The kick attempt is resolved as a [4+] TN test. Upon a successful Kick: Immediately scatter from the target-spot using the kick-scatter rules. You may choose to re-roll the entire kick-scatter once, but must accept the re-rolled result. Upon an unsuccessful Kick: Immeditely scatter from the target-spot using the kick-scatter rules. (p. 21 and p. 41)

Sustained Plays

The effects of a sustain Play continue to apply until the End Phase of the current turn. (You cannot “upkeep” this play as in other game systems) (p. 27)


If you sprint your activation is not over. (p. 27)


AOEs target a spot not a player. If a player is spending influence to use an AOE character play and they are engaged by an enemy player then they suffer the Crowded Out penalty.


If you want to do anything except jog you must spend influence. This even your first attack!!

Don’t forget you get an extra influence for every goal your team has scored. (p. 30)

Tulsy – The man, the myth, the legend…

This is just a quick blog to introduce myself. 

I discovered Guild Ball a few months ago through a friend. Jamie Perkins told me I had to look at this game. I downloaded and started reading the rules. Zach printed off the paper dolls and we played a 3v3 game between the Morticians and the Alchemist… We wereinstantly in love. 

Between the two of us we now own every team. We try to play a few games a week. I tend to stick playing the Morticians, but plan on moving to the Mason’s when I get them painted.