Like A Virgin

SEASON 3 IS HERE!!!  After a long wait we finally have no time to play any Guild Ball due to the holidays and family obligations…

But that is okay because finally I CAN PLAY ALCHEMISTS AGAIN!!!

I have been on hiatus since GenCon, the magical event where if you catch the right person at just the right blood alcohol level, you get spoilers.  After sneaking a glimpse on new Midas there, I had no interest in playing old Midas again, so I packed up my Alchemist team for a bit.

With the release of Season 3, I would say that outside of the Engineers, Alchemists have had some of the more significant changes and I have to say, I LIKE IT.

I will not bore you with details of all the changes.  There is a lot of that out there already.  What I will talk about today  is the Midas list I have been able to play a few games with up to this and why it feels that he has touched me for the very first time.


The Team

So As you can see, the team contains 3 of the most changed characters in the game so let me run down the roster real quickly.

MIDAS-  I feel the changes to him are great.  As much as I liked the old Midas, I often found that one side of the match as not having a good time depending on how True Replication went off.  It was also hard to build a plan around such a random ability.

This Midas basically just wants to be front and center so that everyone can see him get down with his bad self.  He throws a lot more support to the team, but can be a super solo if needed to.  He’s always going to be a threat, but you won’t necessarily lose if he is taken out.

FLASK- No significant changes. See new plot card Sic ’em.

KATALYST- I was one of those rare Katalyst fans last season.  When he was hot he was supergamechanging hot, but it took a lot of set up and luck to make him shine.  This Kat is much better.  He falls into a more traditional Big Guy role of controlling the pitch with KDs and Pushes.  It is something the Alchies needed dearly.

MERCURY- He is no longer reliant on Flask at all.  Sure he could get 5 INF if needed, but he doesn’t really need it now.  He helps control the pace of the game and can be quite flexible if needed.  His 4/6 kick stat can help get that game winning Snapshot to Midas.

VITRIOL- She is one of the few nerfs in the Guild, but I am actually ok with that.  I feel her changes have refocused he as a striker and make her more disposable as a whole.  She carried a lot of the burden of primary damage dealer of the team who did require a good amount of set-up and luck to do her best work.  She lost a few points of damage dealing but has gained a few reliable KD buddies and damage dealers in Kat and Harry.

HARRY THE HAT-  Old Harry was not bad in design as much as he was greedy with high risk/reward factor.  If they would have simply upped his INF and fixed his Playbook he would have been alright.  But they game him a 2″ and a better hat, plus Mol0tov is actually worth using.  I partially expect to see him lose the 2″ in future updates.  It’s just too good considering the lack 2″ reach is a big part of a lot of the teams he works for.  But then again, the way they have formatted the Union rules on who works for who, I can also see them shuffling the pot in future seasons.


So much of the game still revolve around Midas.  I don’t think he would have it any other way, but now he wants to help the other models help him to be awesome.  His goal, when not scoring goals, should be to be in position to score a goal when someone passes him the ball.  Everyone else should be managing threats to Midas with the thought of a 2-2 or 3-0 (goal-takeouts) game in mind.  This is important, because unlike before, where a 1-4 or even 0-6 could be an option at times, that is not really the case anymore.  This guild has definitely turned toward the footballing side of things.

Mercury and Katalyst are the centerfielders here.  They want to be in the thick of things with their control abilities.

Vitriol and Harry play the flanks. (Wingback)  They can each take one, but they also work well together.  I have actually developed a role for Harry I call Animal Control.  His goal here is to Goad a Bear or Boar into chasing him through fire to the edge of the board where hopefully he can push them off.  Thats the best case scenario.  Worst case scenario, he pulls them away from  the main scrum and generates a few MPs as he dies.

Flask tries to stay within 4″ of Midas.  See new plot card Sic ’em

Early game

If you recieve the ball- Pass it around.  Try no to let opponent generate MP.  End with Midas scoring a goal and in position to activate first and score again next turn.

If you kick-  I generally do so with Vitriol.  Move her into cover to increase her threat and chill until needed.  This is where Midas can really cash in on Lure of Gold by running forward and using it on Katalyst so you can potentially get a double alpha from Vit and Kat.  With that you can hopefully generate enough momentum to contest the turn 2 roll.

Harry  should move a bit aggressively if possible to get within 6″ (8″ w/Good Marker) to Goad your Animal next turn.

Mid game

Try to maintain Midas at Snapshot range so goal threat is always there.  Use Snare and Fire to control opponent.  Try to pick out at least one target to take out with other models. Your goal is to reach 2-1 at this point so that you can focus on one more goal or takeout to win.  Ignore mascots if you can.  Don’t be afraid to let opponent score goals if you are ahead.

Late game

Hopefully this like only turn 3.  Alchemists should play fast.  If you reached 2-1 then you have options.  Goals should always be options, but the whole team ganging up should be able to take out anyone too.

Sic ‘Em

Seriously, you want this card.  But if you get it, be patient.  Take your time to set it up.  Gang Up, Knock Down, and apply Burden Token.  I wad a Flask do 12 points on intensify damage on 0 INF  Although Momentum was low all turn it won me the initiative by far.   It will not always pay off, but the dream is real.

That’s about my limit of bourbon for the night.  I could keep going,but it will make little sense.  I hope you found something here useful or informative.  Hopefully as I get more experience I will had more input.  I can maybe talk about Smoke again too once I get Vet Kat.

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