All-Star Guild Ball

I love fun, casual events.  With info coming out for SteamCon, one event has caught my attention.  The All-Star Tournament.  What is this you ask?  6 Captains on each team!  Already, many of you write this off as a giant headache of an event.   But if you are like me, you embrace the absurdity of it all and just want to have a good time.

So let me start with a little disclaimer.  These are not events for people that need to win.  I have been fan of this sort of thing throughout my years of playing Warmahordes.  The one thing that can ruin the fun is when everyone comes with the one most broken combo out there to try and win on shear brokenness of the format. (That’s directed to all the Denny2/Goreshade1/Skarre2 players in Casterjackapolloza.)  GET CREATIVE!  Have fun.  Have a theme.  Get Stupid.

So with that in mind I wanted to start dojoing a few ideas of how one could approach this event…

Lady’s Night

How many female Captains are there?  Just enough.  And if these ladies interest you on the field, wait until you hear what is going on in the locker room…

This is actually a very well balanced squad that can do quite a bit.  Lets take a look at the pieces.

Esters- I would probably put money on Esters being one of the top picks throughout the event.  She has 2 very useful CPs. The ability to heal and remove conditions as well as multiple buffs to throw around.  She can throw down too when needed.  She is the chewy nougat center of this sweet ass candy bar.

Pin Vice- Not as solid in the center as Esters, but this is another awesome support piece for the team.  Between the two of them any member of the team can get up to +2 DMG on Playbook results and +4/+4 MOV.  Not to mention, if Pin Vice can go first and generate Momentum, you can start with a double activation and really take charge of things.  Then, of course, her LP really opens up options with the ball.

Smoke- Upon first glance, Smoke seems like a “leave at home”model for this format, but this is just not the case.  She can do quite a bit on very little INF and more than expected on a lot of INF.  Esters and Fillet have damaging AOEs that she likes a lot.  This list can actually get all 3 damaging conditions out there and Smoke can spread them to all.  She can also threaten the goal like no other with all the buffs available. 10″ of sprint plus Cloud Jumper gives her about 23”.

Honour- Of course she is all about Superior Strategy and Topping Out.  If you need the INF elsewhere though she is still a solid blocker and has a Momentous 2 (4 with buffs) in the second column. a solid choice for any list.

Scalpel-  Pissed as hell for taking second to Obulus all the time.  She is very utilitarian as a support model, but can also shred enemies on her own.  She is actually equipped to punk out Obulus if needed.  Voodoo Strings plus Tormented Anger can ruin his, or anyone else’s plans.  Second Wind for free is what Honour likes.

Filet- She is broken as shit, so obviously she will be in many lists.  She is probably worth throwing away turn 1 after you load her up with +2 DAM (+1 for CPs), +2/+2 MOV, Superior Strategy, Topping Out +1 INF, and Second Wind.  She should be good for a few VPs out the gate.

True Bromance

When the boys get together it is all about one-upmanship.  These guys are trying to see who can dish out the most pain.  If you are out of bubble gum, this is the list for you. When you are maxed out, any model in this list can potentially be at +2 TAC and +5 DMG.

Corsair- Corsair is a bit of an odd man out since he lacks any damage buffs, but he can still roll with the Bros.  He can not only help control the ball, but he can move around the enemy pretty well and help keep everyone else on their feet.

Blackheart- Commanding Aura is enough.  Misdirection can actually prove valuable in this format as well.  He will be one of the fastest models on this team and can get everyone else moving quickly with From the Shadows

Tapper- Sure, Commanding Aura does not stack, but now it can be spread out for all to use.  He can also allocate INF where it is needed mid turn and add threat ranges to others.

Ox-  Do you like DMG buffs?  Ox is the man for this job.  You should be fine without allocating him anything, just stand tall front and center.  He can also get work done if needed.

Rage- Strong beat stick on his own, but you have to love Red Fury in this list.  With a good set up he could possibly trigger Commanding Arua turn 1 then drag more models into the suck.  Then of course let’s finish things off with a free charge.

Hammer-   Since this list is likely to leave models with extra INF as they blow up enemies on 2 hits, Hammer will be a great way to make sure you get use out of all that leftover INF.  Otherwise he can go early turn and give out Hammer Time to the others so they can blow up models on one hit instead of two.

Control Freaks

This list is really built around abusing Momentous Inspiration and controlling the the flow of the game.  If executed well this could be an extremely infuriating list to play against.

Ballista-  One of the core models here with Momentous Inspiration.  He is more likely to be playing close to the center so he can support and be there with Mine Field when the enemy closes in.

Smoke-  The other half of the equation.  As stated above, she can be good for goal scoring if needed.  Fillet and Esters allow her to be fully utilized the same before as well.  She will be more mobile than Ballista to get where she is needed.

Esters- Still a staple model that is flexible.  Just be cautious that she is the only real buffer in this list so she could have a big target on her back.  She will probably work on controlling the center with Ballista and doing much of the heavy lifting if they get engaged.

Theron- Theron is the 3rd centre fielder of the team who will Use his CPs to help gimp up the other team and his tree to block LOS.  Blessing of the Sun father can help out a lot in this list.  Don’t forget that Blasted Earth is not once per turn or he can let Shark do a free tidal Surge, well worth it.

Fillet- Still a killing machine but you probably want to be a tad more careful with her.  I would think in this list she will play a support role that can get in to finish off models and get out again.  Smoke will probably follow her around and give support.

Shark-  My initial thought was Obulus here, but I feel that Shark offers something nice to the team.  Not only does he increase their chances to score, but he can really nerf down movements with Guts & Strings and Caught in a Net.  He would be most likely to run solo around the field and harass as needed.

Str8 Ballin’

This list is built with the idea of scoring lots of goals.  Of course it can do more than that, but let’s challenge ourselves to play that way and only punch people in the face when we need to.

Obulus- Let’s try not to put him in every list ok.  Here though he has a strong ball game.  He can take the ball, protect it, move around the field and even score.  With some of the buffs going on here he can be even more amazing.

Midas- With True Replication out he needs to go full on Striker.  With his self buffs on to of others available, he can get to be quite insane in the stat lines.

Shark- If you are playing for the ball, he better be involved.  With potential for a 6/10 KICK line, you may want to set him up for Snap Shots.

Corsair-  With Ball control that rivals Obulus and he is a strong center piece.  He is a chunk of muscle that can buff those around him well.

Pin Vice- With her LP she can really open up the ball play for some crazy shenanigans.  She can also buff others to get the team going or cash in a double activation if needed.

Hammer- He can keep everyone moving farther and more accurate with the ball.  When things get hairy he can help switch the game over to “what ball?”.  There may be more strikery models out there, but he does alright.

The Wrap

So these are just  ideas for how one may build for this format.  Remember that above all this is about fun and pulling off crazy shit that you can’t see elsewhere.  Realize that it is kind of hard not to be a dick in some ways, but try not to be the biggest.  If I were running this event I would actually throw out little twists on some of the rounds like “no VPs for take outs/goals this round” or “models return to play at full health.”  So don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy.


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