Shooting at Goal

I have been playing and running a lot of tournaments recently and there is one rule interaction that seems to get misplayed more than any other – Shooting at Goal.  Shooting at Goal is under Kicking on page 24 of the Season 2 Rule Book (All references to page numbers in this article are from the Season 2 Rule Book).  This is a Kick action that targets the enemy goal-post called a Shot.

Lets go over how a Shot works.  We will use Egret as an example.

Shot 1

Egret is lining up to take a shot.  After she spends one influence and 1 MP to take the shot she needs to look at her Kicking Ability [KICK]


Egret has a [KICK] of 3/8″.  The first number is the base-kick attribute and is the number of dice a model generates and adds to the dice-pool when performing a Kick (p.8).  The second number is the kick-distance that a model may kick the ball-marker (p.8).  Using these stats we see that Egret will roll 3 dice trying for a TN of 4+ on any one of those die.  If she is successful she would score a goal for her team (p.24).  If she is unsuccessful she the ball would scatter from the goal (See So You Just Missed a Shot).

Now is when things get tricky:

Shot 2

Flint is going to try a Shot.


Using Flint’s [KICK] stat he would normally get 3 dice to his dice-pool and is looking at a TN of 4+, but there are some modifiers in this situation.  Flint is being engaged by Obulus.  This would lower his dice pool by [-1] (page 24 part 2 of Kicking Sequence).  Flint cannot see the goal so he would get [+1] to his TN (page 24 part 3 of Kicking Sequence).  Flint now has a dice-pool of 2 and a TN of 5+.

Where most mistakes are made:

Shot 3

Salt is the best selling model in the Guild Ball model range for a good reason.  He is an amazing goal scorer.  Just look at how he squeezed in between all those Butcher players.


Using Salt’s [KICK] stat he would normally have 1 die in his dice-pool and is looking at a TN of 4+, but there are several modifiers in this situation.  Meathook is considered an intervening model because part of her base is on the ball path between Salt and the goal-post.   Due to this, Salt would suffer [-1] to his dice-pool (p.24 part 2 of the Kicking Sequence).  Salt is also engaged by Ox ([-1] to his dice-pool), Boar ([-1] to his dice-pool), and Shank ([-1] to his dice-pool).  This gives Salt a -3 dice pool.  Lucky for Salt modifiers cannot reduce the total dice-pool to less that one [D6] (p.22).  Salt would still be able to roll 1 die looking for a TN of 4+.  He could still Bonus Time! (p.37) to add a single die to his dice-pool and roll 2 dice looking for a TN of 4+. Salt’s TN does not change with these modifiers.

There are a few things that can alter a TN on a Shot.  The first is “If the enemy goal-post is not in LOS of the kicking model then the Shot suffers a [+1] TN” (p.24).  The second is if a model has Goal Defense – “An enemy model that makes a Shot suffers [+1] TN to the Shot while this model is within [4″] of the friendly goal-post”.  This is currently only on Tenderizer (p. 96), Veteran Velocity (p.102) , and given to a model from the Season 2 Plot Card Tracking Back (p. 41).  The third thing is playing the Season 2 Plot Card Tap In – The friendly model gains [-1] TN to the Shot.

I hope this article helps!!





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