It’s been busy lately but I really wanted to take a moment to shed a light on something getting done for and by the community.  I got to take part in the beta testing for the GBKeeper iOS app and I must say I am impressed.  It has been released to the public for a few weeks now and hopefully if you have the ability to use it.  Now my experiences with it are mostly on my iPhone.  I believe it was optimized for the iPad, but I have no complaits.

First off let’s give a big thanks to Mickey Roberson (DieselDM) for taking the time to make this wonderful app. He has done this out of the kindness of his heart because he loves this game and wanted something similar to Warroom for Guildball.  He has been a programming professional for about a decade and a gamer since he could say d20.  He does play Masons so we will have to forgive him on that.  You can check out his blog at

On to the app!  The images I am going to show you are from my iPad mini.  As I said, I generally use my iPhone. The big difference is more on the screen at once. The App basically has 3 features.  The Library, where you just look at cards.  The Teams section, where you can build a roster.  And the Play section, where you can track damage, goal, and Momentum.  Below we have the Library.


Once you select your guild you will see the cards displayed as below.


Moving onto the team feature you first select your guild.



Once you select a guild you will build your team down below.  Rosters are not necessarily made with a bench in mind but this does not matter until you go to the play screen.  So you can make your list whatever size you like until you go to the play screen.


I think the best thing about the team building section is this is where you can actually flip through all the cards the quickest.  Once you enter the “info” button you can swipe between cards with ease.  Because of that I seldom go to the Library if I want to look through a whole team for some dojo.


Another great feature is the ability to share.  In Warroom, you always had to “mail” then copy from there.  I love that you can easily send a list in a message or even just copy it directly from the app.


In Play you get a screen like this.  It tracks VPs, Goals, Momentum, and Damage.  The only complaints I have is that you can adjust damage on a card you are not looking at.  I have found myself marking the wrong card a few times.  This feature was discussed in Beta and others like it the way it is.  Not a big deal, just something to be aware of.  Another thing is that some opponents want to see your Momentum and it can be forgetful when tracking two sets of Momentum, so as nice as the features are I generally default to tabletop tracking.


It does have this nice little window that tells you how much INF you get each turn, that is very helpful when you don’t want to math.


In the end I think this app is great.  It does everything you would want a game tracking app to do.  Like with most game tracking apps it takes a bit of getting use to if you want to use it as a primary tool, but I love having it around.  So far Mickey has done a great job at keeping it up to date, which is also an important feature in an app.  If you see him, make sure you tell him what a good job he does and buy him a beer.



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