Venin 2 Dope

Something makes me think that once we get the fluff for Venin he may be a total douche bag.  But that’s ok because he’s our douche bag.  I want to take a little time to talk about why I have grown to love this Faygo drinking fool.

Stats and Playbook

Overall he is pretty above average for the Guild.  Most models have a 5″/8″ MOV so he is actually a bit quicker on the Jog.  This is not a feature that goes unnoticed. TAC 5 is better than 4.  It took me some time to realize that his KICK was 8″.  This is actually pretty nice and allows him to threaten the goal more than one expects.  Sure his accuracy isn’t all that, but most people are not expecting 8″ outside captains or strikers, so he does actually sneak in and score from time to time. His defensive stats are on the higher end of average and his INF is pretty par for the game.

His playbook, like most Alchemists is not overly exciting. He does have a low tackle.  The sad thing is that you generally won’t to do 2 things when attacking with him, cause damage and generate Momentum.  He is not likely to do both at once.


Plays are generally where the magic happens here.

Melting Body- Free?!- Buffs ARM!?- Who cares about the poison? 4+/2 is a damn good stat. With Man Down as a plot card he can get downright unbreakable.  The only downside to this is it doesn’t do much good if you take a late activation option with him.

Sacrificial Puppet-  An odd ability that until yesterday I did not give much though to.  If he can generate Momentum with Smoke and there is a easy target around I may try this out more.  But for now I feel he is tough enough without it.

Coagulation- His signature play, making people bleed.  Trying to capitalize on getting off this play with maximum results is core to doing as a team what the Alchemists do best.  I believe that he is a player that can really pay off if you keep your eye on the prize.


Not to much to be said about these individually.  Both are about spreading poison.  Don’t forget about them and learn to exploit them.  As always, remember that auras are triggered on entering and activating within so you can have a good deal of control with pushes or just engaging people before they activate.


Venin follows the recent trends of flexibility in models.  He can fill roles early and late in the turn.  While I prefer to see him act late turn, it is important to recognize his uses early turn as well.

Early turn- He is basically making a Sacrificial Puppet of himself (assuming he does not have ball plays to make).  In my opinion, his role more than anyone else on the team is to be front and center of the action.  Drawing in opponents to get them conditioned and within auras.  I have little fear moving him forward to block lanes to more valuable targets and use Melting Body.  Maybe Sac Pup as well.  Most will see him there with poison and assume he will be an easy target.  Generally I find he holds up better than expected.

Late turn-  This is when you want to get bleed out there. In general I would say the later the better, but if you are really behind in Momentum and see a good opportunity for Kat to go last, you may want to give your opponent a few activations to really think about spending it, especially if you can tag models that have already activated.  A good order of activation if not last may be third to last followed by Kat and Smoke to re-apply conditions and take things to pound town, either order can work depending on situation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, What I like about him is that he an do most of the above on the cheap.  I generally give him one INF so I can run into position or punch someone to generate Momentum.  He rarely NEEDS more but he can usually put it to good use if I give him more.  I feel the best way to treat Venin is like the douche we all know he is.  Smile every time he gets punched in the face. You know he deserves it.


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