Playbook Analysis:Union

This will be a tricky one as most things are with Union.  First I will look at things altogether and then I will try to look at them based on what teams the work for so we can consider how they may participate in that teams conversation.


One should not expect to see a theme for these guy.  If any team is meant to be strong individuals over anything else it is Union.  You can apply thoughts from all the other Guilds here.  Models with Momentous Tackles may have more ball skills. Models with Momentous damage may want to hit more.  One individual fact I want to point out is that Harry’s playbook is an absolute turd.  IMO if they put that T above the 1 and scooted everything else down a notch, he may become more of a contender.  If anyone supports my argument that Crazy models don’t need quite so long a Playbook it is him.

Avarissie &Greede

Since they do work for everyone I will talk about them separately, not with the teams.  No one really plays them for the Playbook.  We play them for the activation.  That said, Avarisse’s Playbook is about as good as Greede’s is bad.  Avarisse often goes unnoticed as having another short Playbook.  Momentous Singled Out is definitely not bad on the first column. KD on 2 isn’t bad either.  Other than that he can do a great job at moving bodies and setting up good situations.  Greede can just continue to just hide behind the goal.

As a side note, I would like to see them played connected more until Greede can score first activation, I just don’t see them being worth it in most cases though.


As an Alchemists player I value most of these guys for one reason or another, not necessarily their playbooks.  They do however bring some interesting things into the guild.  Early Momentous tackles is one.  Decimate stands out for her Momentous Damage. Alchs struggle to damage and generate Momentum at the same time.  Otherwise these guys fallen one with other playbook issues within Guild.



I think what Brewers like are models that can get Momentum rolling.  The like to use a lot themselves, so having someone who can do some work and build a tone is very valuable to them.  This is where Rage finds value with them, For 1 INF he can potentially generate 4 Momentum fairly easily.  This is also why you may often see Gutter and Fangtooth finding their way into lists.  Low Momentous damage is not so common for them. Hemlock strikes me as the most different from what the Brewers get. While she is normally there for more support reasons it is not bad to have someone who can get in, take the ball and get out.


 Other than Harry these guys all follow in the Butcher trend of causing Momentous damage.  Playbook-wise there is not much reason to include any of these guys unless you have a strong hankering for Momentous Pushes from Harry.  Take note however that Avarisse has a better KD option than anyone in team.


These playbook actually seem to compliment the Engineers quite well.  The gear heads lack a level of causing Momentous damage through the the playbook and these guys tend to do that well for the most part.  The hard part of thing is that in general Engineers synergize much better with guild models.  I was about to say that maybe Pin Vice has options, but none of the guys are guild or mechanica.


Fish don’t need any help in the ball department, they need muscle.  They get quite a bit more here than in Guild.  Fang tooth is probably the standout.  He brings much more to the team as well, but lacks reach.  It is not that they don’t have plenty, but it is something to consider.  He  and Gutter are good though if you need to beat face and generate Momentum.


Hey!  We can look at some Hunters playbooks!  I am sure they stack up to the Hunter in some way, or they do not.


I don’t think these guys bring anything new to the playbook.  Some of them may even be less likely to develop Momentum.


If you can’t say anything nice about Morticians, say “Thank God this series is almost over!”  I am probably about as sick of it as you are.  A couple points here are a little more consistent Momentum generation at low hits.


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