Playbook Analysis: Morticians

Opinions generally fall in two places with Morticians.  Either you hate them or you play them.  I would say my hatred grows stronger when at their playbooks.

Trying to make sense of the playbooks seems almost pointless they seem appropriately cryptic and random.  This is definitely more of a group of individuals more than a team.  Every time you think you see a pattern or a theme, someone defies it.  Having far more experience against these guys than with, please excuse if there is a sour taste in my mouth as I discuss them

If I had to narrow down a theme it would be somewhere in the range of Momentous dodges and mid range damage.  These guys are slippery in more than just playbooks.  They can also give a solid beating and not always from the source you would expect.


Obulus Playbook

If Obulus wasn’t irritating enough, he is the first non-Brewer with a short playbook.  As anyone who plays with or against oculus knows, he can get quite a bit done on his own.  His slow MOV stat is balanced out by the multiple ways he can dodge.  Aside from having a short playbook, his most valuable asset it that Momentous Dodge in the first column.  Being able to really get the ball and then dodge toward the goal while building Momentum makes him a huge threat to scoring.

Alternatively, if he gets tooled up he also has great potential to beat face as well.


Ghast Playbook

I have referenced Ghast when talking about others having early Momentous KDs.  There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck his pit.  He goes first, KDs 3 models and generates 3 Momentum.  There are not much better ways to start turns. His worst weakness is his self confidence that he can do this so easily.  Nothing pleases me like being him fail to hit.


Bonesaw Playbook

Bonesaw is actually a bit of an oddball with playbook design in this team. His low TAC earns him a short book which offers him some interesting wrapping abilities.  He can survive quite well on 2 INF considering he can Charge and with 6 hits potentially Tackle, double dodge out and pass or score with the ball is insane.  Of course you are better off if you buff your odds, but it is still a move within reason of considering.




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