Playbook Analysis: Masons

Ok!  On to the Masons in my series on Playbook analysis.  I promise this will be slightly more content filled than the Hunters article.

There is a lot of interesting things going on with the Mason as a whole.  They do not really fit into one category.  I have always thought of them as one of the more overall balanced team with each model pretty much excelling at their specific role.

Their playbooks however are a little interesting and a little baffling.  There seems to be no theme to Momentous plays other than they all happen in the first half of the book.  They all do have Momentous tackles, which like the Butchers makes them better overall ballers than expected.  I actually had a recent game against a team without Flint that got 2 goal on me.  The easy tackle plus Football Legend should not be underestimated.

My only thoughts behind their Momentum design is that when they are hitting at the high end of things, they are really wrecking face, so gaining momentum as well would be overkill.  Having all that momentum early does however allow them to pull from behind in a game where they need to generate a bunch.  Being able to turn influence into momentum at a 1:1 ratio reliably is not too bad.

Long Playbooks 

I think this is actually the first time long playbooks have come up so far in this series and I want to take a moment a express my opinion.  A long playbook occurs when a models playbook is longer than their TAC.  In many cases they are on self buffing models with abilities like Crazy where models get +3 TAC and take 3 damage.  I feel this could have been done better.  I think adding 2 columns instead of 3 would have build more interesting play.  Maybe it was play tested and proven too powerful.  It is just one of those things that I always think of when seeing long playbooks and I thought I would share.  I definitely think it would make Harry more playable.


Mallet Playbook

Mallet has got one of the better playbooks of the group.  He is also probably the one guy in the team that may be an auto-include in every list.  No matter what your style, he has a role.  Having 2 damage on the second column is always nice.  Momentous Singled Out is also great at one.  If someone is giving you a hard time defensively, you can at least pull that off which should help hit the second or third column from then on out.  The downside to him is that he does so much damage on the charge that it may be hard to give that up for some of his more useful abilities.


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