Playbook Analysis: Fishermen

Back to another team I am more familiar with. Everyone’s favorite ballers.  The question is, are they as unified as some of the other teams or are they a bunch of mavericks dancing to their own beats?  Lets take a look and find out.

So the first thing to look at is what is Momentous.  Mostly pushes, dodges, and Guildballs.  What is not Momentous id Damage and surprisingly most the Tackles.  Very interesting because this is the team that is suppose to score 3 goals.  I guess they cannot make it too easy on them.

One thing that you do not see in the playbook that is an important factor is the fact that everyone but Angel and Salt has 2″ reach.  This can help quite a bit with pushing the results up a notch or two.


Corsair Playbook

Lets look first a Corsair.  One thing you don’t notice right away is that his playbook is Short.  This does help pull off some lowed results better or even wrap when charging. Other notables are the Momentous tackle on 1 and Momentous KD on 2.  Both of these results should be easy to hit.  He also does more damage than most the other Fish and since his release there have been less goal oriented builds going around.


Kraken Playbook

IMO Kraken and Corsair belong together.  Sure they share a lot of similarities, but it is nice to be able to split the load.  Momentous KD on 1 is amazing and the rest of his playbook isn’t bad either.  I would say his worst feature is only being able to have 3 INF.


Angel Playbook

On a team with many strikers, sometime this lass plays second string, but she is an ace in my book.  She can get in there, take the ball and get out pretty well.  On a charge, she has fairly good odds to wrap which can Tackle and dodge her out with 2 Momentum.  She is my fist pick on a ball team.


Siren Playbook

Another player that can get a bad rep for underperforming and wanting a lot of INF. With such a small playbook though she can find herself wrapping quite a bit.  I generally put INF on her as a safeguard in case I need to Lure or Seduce.  If that does not pan out, she can generally walk up to a crowded out KD model and generate a ton of momentum.


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