Playbook Analysis: Engineers

Now we come to the team who if I dare say, uses their playbooks the least. Engineers are generally known as a ranged team, using Character Plays more than anything.  I am sure many good Engineers players would point out that this is not really the case.  I am not one of those.  I play Engineers quite poorly.  Fortunately I got a few good games against them last week and can see there is more to them.

At first glance they seem like a mess in the playbooks.  There is not a whole lot going on damage-wise.  There are a lot of pushes and dodges, most of which are Momentous.  Sized up with the Character plays they bring it is obvious these guys like to control the state of the pitch.

They also have Momentous Tackles appearing all over the first 2 columns.  A strong reminder that you need to be thinking about the ball.  This goes along with their exceptional accuracy to their Kick stat.  They are definitely an oddball team of mostly individuals.


Colossus Playbook

Sometimes it helps to compare questionable models to those in other teams if you want to see their value.  One point of comparison that has grown on me is Ghast.  I hate that guy for multiple reasons, but Morticians players will likely tell you that his value is in that Momentous KD on the 2nd column.  Colossus is right there with him, just remember that with one less TAC it is a bit less reliable.


Hoist Playbook

Remember that True Replication alone does not make Midas.  His playbook has quite a bit to do with his power level.  Hoist does not have this.  He will not generate Momentum and his Guildballs are not as reliable to pull off.  It is important to consider these things when looking at him.  Use TR for flexibility and don’t count so much on the playbook results.


Velocity Playbook

I have come to really respect Velocity lately and her Playbook is one of the sexiest in the game for a striker.  She can get the ball and put some good distance between herself and other quite quickly and efficiently.


5 thoughts on “Playbook Analysis: Engineers

  1. Mike Burch

    not really much analysis going on here. More a look at the playbooks?
    I don’t understand what this article is trying to achieve.
    I’m a new player – I was hoping to learn something, maybe pick some tips on how to get the best use out of the playbook or something similar


    1. wazatdingder Post author

      I don’t do the math thing too much. Some of the analysis goes deeper than others based on my personal experiences. I think it is helpful to look at them all together and think about where things fall. I do not want to get sidetracked into all the other factors of the teams right now. Once I get through all the teams I should be able to right a reflection on how to use playbooks overall. I am necessarily writing for beginners or giving tactical tips. My goal is to develop my own playbook literacy and maybe help others along the way.


  2. Dustin

    Good stuff minus the Hoist commentary. While his traits and stats (Sturdy, Tough Hide, Reanimate with good speed and hyper accurate kick) are his defining qualities, a huge part of his utility comes from being able to take 5 Inf and having a M>< on 2 hits. It is an awesome playbook result and his tankiness allows him to safely wade into situations and make use of it.

    I really like the graphic at the top, so I linked to this page on my (very nascent) Engineer's tactica. Hope that's alright!



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