Playbook Analysis: Butchers

Next in line for analysis is the Butchers.  Everyone’s favorite homicidal maniacs.  Does their playbook say otherwise.  Let’s take a look…


It is no surprise that these guys generate a lot of Momentum.  Just take a second and compare the white boxes to the red.  54% of their playbook results generate Momentum and most of that causes damage.  The overall theme here is quite obvious.

One theme I did not expect to see was that only one model has a non-Momentous Tackle and only Boar has it higher than the 2nd column.  This is quite impressive.  The idea that your most successful line-ups can play with the ball is not unfounded.  This even gives the opportunity to just take the ball and have Momentum to counter if they try to take it back next activation.


Since the theme is damage there are no real individual playbooks to speak of as standing out, but there is a trend to take notice of.  All your highly valued players have 2 damage in the second column.  Stacked with all the available buffs to the team, this adds quickly.  Meathook and Tenderizer have it at the 3rd column. Ox at the 4th, tied with the rare KD so there is some real logic behind not thinking these guys can mess you up as much and maybe should serve other functions in the lineup.


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