Playbook Analysis: Brewers

In this playbook analysis we are looking at the Brewers.  They have a fairly rare feature throughout their guild of having a short playbook.  Now the first time I heard about this “short” playbook I did not understand so let me explain.  Most playbooks have a number of columns equal to their TAC stat.  There are exceptions, but this is the norm. “Short” playbooks are one column less than the TAC stat.  This results in increasing the likelihood of wrapping.  So let’s take a look at these short playbooks.

Brewers are known as a team that wants to knock you down and beat you up and their playbook reflects that.  Brewers, in fact, are one of the easier teams to look at their playbooks to see what to do with them.  The first obvious theme is that there are a lot of Momentous KDs happening early in the books.  Since their playbooks are short, I still consider the the third column fairly early.  When looking at other teams I would suggest caution in expecting to reach these levels, but Brewers are a little safer.  It is important to realize where your odds fall though.  Notice that Stoker, Spigot, Esters, and Mash all have KD on the 3rd column.  Unassisted against 50% models (3+/1, 4+/0) you are still looking at a coin flip as to whether you hit or not.  I have had many games that “easy” KD has cost me many INF.  So even though the playbook is short, it only matters on the high spikes.  Don’t look much further than column 2 for reliable unassisted rolls.

The second thing to look at is the damage rolls.  Just about everyone has non-Momentous results early with a high Momentous result. This reflects the fact that when you get to causing damage, you really want to wrap.  Brewers are best when buffed and grouped together.

The final theme is that most pushes are Momentous and Guildballs are not.  They want to move you around to better receive those bonuses later.  They are not rewarded for using their Character plays, so these may need to be considered before using.


Hooper Playbook

It is worth noting that Hooper is the one guy without a short playbook, which is a problem.  Unless you consider he can self-buff for +2 TAC.  As long as you have the momentum to do so, this shouldn’t be a problem.


With s short playbook and a low Momentous 2 it is important to remember that these two could potentially wrap 2-3 times on the charge.  With Tooled Up and Commanding  Aura up this could be a lot of hurt from an unsuspected target.


Mash Playbook

It is worth noting that Mash does have the one Dodge of the team.  It is a nice thing to remember since his INF allocation is so low for a striker.  It is important to think of multitasking with him.


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