Fishing for Corsair

Fishermen are one of my favorite teams and since I got Corsair I have been excited to try them out. I have been in buckle down mode with Alchemists before a few big events locally so I have not got as much table time as I would like.  My first few game were with Siren, Angel, Grayscales, and Sakana.  After a particularly horrible game against Tenderizer where I missed 3 goals I began to dojo a new list that replaces Sakana with Kraken.  I have still not been able to actually play with that list, but fortunately last night I had a game against a local Fish player who was willing to take it for a whirl.

The main idea behind the list is to exploit what Corsair does in making everyone better.  Ultimately, if you can get Angel to 6/12″ kick she can score from midfield and becomes a great snapshot target.  Corsair controls the center of the field.  Kraken is there to help take some of the load off of him, because without Kraken I found him stretched to thin.  The others are there to retrieve the ball and get it to Angel.  The money shot of course is getting Siren to have an opponent snapshot to Angel.

So last night I took my current Alchemists list contains Compound, Vitriol, Calculus and Venin.  Seeing as that his list was of my design and he is still pretty new, I coached him a bit.  I wouldn’t call the results of the game pure, but they impressed me nonetheless.

He kicked off using Angel.  Not my first choice, but I have not thought to much about the opening sequence with them and she may actually be a good choice.  We moved through the paces of the opening turn playing the position game.  I suggested he hold back Siren and Corsair til last because they can both potentially get the ball when I finally commit to taking it up field.  He positioned Angel pretty much center field 10″ from the goal.  Because of a wall, I could not Counter Charge with Compound. At the end of the turn I realized that where I wanted to give Vitriol the ball was still in range of Rough Seas, so I decided to just take it on the chin and hope for the best, which I got, because he missed the attack.

Turn 2  Vitriol walked up, generated 2 Momentum off Corsair, Scored, and Knee Slid, center field for Snapshot opportunities if needed.  She had Clone up so I talked him out of trying to even think about killing her.  The ball went back to Siren, she passed to Corsair and built some Momentum on Flask.  I used Calculus to poison and fail to Blind Corsair.  An important note here is that I should have engaged Angel, but I didn’t because I didn’t want the penalty to hit on Poison.  My thought at this point was that he should not score 3 goals in one turn and if I can get a second goal with Midas and set up some takeouts for next turn, I should be good.  But I should have engaged Angel.

So next I walked him through how Corsair could LP and Snap off Angel.  The only obstacle is Compound who was in the way and after my experiences with Tenderizer, I really do not like 5+ to score.  The downside that to drag Compound you need to get in range of Counter Charge and he has Gluttonous Mass.  Fortunately we have Kraken.  He goes first and triggers GM.  Of course Compound does not CC because that just gets him out of the way.  Next Venin moved up while all the Poisoned models were close and gets Bleed on Kraken, Corsair, and Salt.  He also positions himself to get between Compound and Corsair as best he can, but it wont be enough.

Corsair activates and moves to drag Compound.  I choose to CC since I will probably be moving anyway. It was pointless though since I cannot KD or Tackle Corsair on one attack.  I should have stayed still.  Corsair then buys attacks and generates Momentum knocking  down Venin and Compound and triggering a drag on Vitriol (I forgot Clone) before a Snapshot off Angel to score. He did LP btw.

Midas retrieves the ball and runs to Greyscales (forgot to UM) to generate Momentum, put Heavy Burden on him and Score.  If we would have remembered UM I would have been able to go to someone else and Snapshot to Vitriol most likely, so not a big deal, just sloppy play.  The ball came back just out of anyone’s reach and Greyscales only had 1 INF so he could not Where’d They Go and pass.  The water rat was in position to walk away from Vitriol, grab the ball, walk around Midas and drop the ball close to Greyscales.  No Alchemists were anywhere near enough to do anything.  Greyscales grabbed the ball and sent another Snapshot to Angel.

I tried to sent the ball as far away from Angel as possible, but it scattered back.  Flask was able to walk up and grab it for safety.  Angel with 2 INF was still able to walk up, take it, and score.

3 goals in 4 activations.   Sure, mistakes were made, dumb moves on my behalf, but I do feel more than ever that this list can have quite a bit of potential.  Now it will be harder than ever to keep this list boxed up for the next few weeks.


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