True Gold: Midas Replication Dojo

Midas is awesome.  We all know this.  Some of us know this in a positive way.  Others, not so much.  Obviously one of the biggest features of Midas is True Replication and his ability to steal others’ Character Plays and use them himself, often better than the original owner.  Today we are discussing some of the subtle nuances of this ability.

Some people have stated to me that “one model should not dictate the models I play.”  While I get the point, I tend to disagree.  Knowing what your opponent brings to the table and how to work around them is key to any competitive game. As our good friend Joe use to point out, Knowing is half the battle. If you know that your defensive line has a flaw that your opponent can exploit and you do not adjust for that, it’s on you.

I believe that a good list needs to be flexible.  It is ok to have a game plan, but if you cannot adjust when that plan falls through, then your weakness is that.  There are plenty of strategy games out there that eliminate x-factors, this is not one of them. In order to ease some pains I will talk about tech to both use and defend against Midas.

The Basics

Overall, Midas has a fairly well rounded stat line.  He some solid Defensive tech to increase survivability and his ball skills are nothing to scoff at.  His true power lies in his Playbook and this is what both players need to consider at all times.

Those first 3 Momentous boxes are the key.

1 Momentous GB on one hit is his sweet spot.  Normally he can only get off a single Heavy Burdon which is no big deal.  The first thing players should be looking at with True Replication is any ability that is triggered on a single GB and can be used multiple times.

Scything Blow is the auto take here.  If you can get it, your game really turns up the Take Out game and you should easily be able to play a 1-4 game. Opponents should always rethink before taking Scything Blow into a game.  I would not call this an auto-exclude because Midas only has a 1 inch reach so with proper spacing and awareness you should be able to keep him at taking out only one model a turn. Intensify is also often forgotten in the mirror match.  Also keep in mind that he is doing 21 points normally or 14 to Tough hide models, and if he is going for may damage he is leaving himself exposed defensively.

Other Great abilities under the 1 GB reusable banner that I really like areThousand Cuts (edit-this is 2GBs, but logic still applies. I would probably take it over Dirty Knives, depending on match)  and Dirty Knives.  These have range so you can trigger them off of one model but spread the love.  The rest of the team really loves the debuffs and they do a bit of damage as well. Singled out is not awful, but if you want to use it on multiple models, you are putting Midas in a tough spot.  Weak Point can be nice since Alchemists do not like ARM.

2 Momentous GBs on three is the next big thing.  A little harder to get, but still easier to pull of many of the abilities he would steal.  Again, the more prized abilities are those that can be used multiple times.

Unmasking is my go to here.  Obviously there are issues to getting it which I will discuss later, but it is well worth the try.  I would probably allow you to take out Midas turn 1 if it scored me Unmasking. That is the one ability I would strongly suggest you leave at home.  Why, you ask?  Once half your team blows up in one activation you understand.  Fangtooth is generally easy enough to leave out.  Morticians crutch hard on Ghast though.  For opponents of Midas, it is very important to pay attention to positioning and wounds at this point.  He can hurt a lot of people ant only be engaged to one.  You would probably rather that 1 be someone with low boxes so once they die, he can’t continue.  Crowding out may help, but don’t forget once he hits that first one he can push models back.  The simple thing to do is just not bring it, then you won’t regret it.

Other 2 GB reusable abilities I like are Release the… and Ground Pound.  While I have never taken Concussion, I can also see how that would be pretty useful to have .

After the next set of ablates you generally look toward are how to be a better baller

Where’d They Go is generally top since it is triggered on a GB and has many uses. Supershot makes him a great snapshot target.  Most teams have one of those.  I am not a fan of Balls Gone because it is super situational

The bottom of the barrel is scraping up unneeded DEF bonuses.

Nimble is ok, but boring. Swift Stance is better, but more costly.  Tough Skin could skew the defensive abilities of the team quite a bit.  Also, Melting Body could be cool.

And never forget Midas’s favorite drinking buddy.

Lob Barrel is just good times.

Getting What You Want

This can be tricky.  For an opponent it can be as simple as staying away.  If you have the ball, Alchemists can really struggle to generate momentum.  Without Momentum, Midas has 16″ TR range, with it 18″.  Of course if he kicks off, which may be likely if he really wants something he has more range but he is exposed.  Don’t forget that as he is hiding behind that wall he is light footed, so it is much easier to Lure him out.  I prefer to activate him as late in the turn as possible, so if you can force him to act early, you may make him take a less desirable ability.  If he doesn’t TR turn 1 he is probably not doing it later.

Midas players need to also keep range in mind.  Going last allows you to not worry about being defensive but it can give your opponent time to get in the way.  Having the ball, obviously increases opportunity as you can deploy near who you want and use the ball to get yourself closer.

As mentioned above, Unmasking is by far my preferred ability to get.  It only exists on two models at the moment, Ghast and Fangtooth.  Both of them present additional issues in getting the ability that basically means you cannot put up Clone as an extra line of defense for early activations.  Having Don’t Touch the Hair is a good backup, or if you are facing a lot of models without 2″ reach you may be ok.  Fortunately, since you cannot be defensive, running is an option more so than normal so you get more range.  If you do have range without the run and can pass the ball after, you can also get yourself out.  Although people seem to think it is so hard to get Unmasking, it really is not.  You just pay extra for Ghast and zap Fangtooth with Heavy Burden or someone else first, so really it just costs 1 extra INF.

What Midas Doesn’t Like

As infuriating at Midas is, he is still human.  2″ Reach is a major irritant because it can ignore his Unpredictable Movement.  I actually think Midas and Obulus are on the same level of pesky and can be approached much the same way when it comes to taking them out.  Except Midas may be a little easier to get to if he has not activated.  With clone up though he is almost guaranteed to get out on any single melee attack so you have to plan ahead.

The big thing to remember is that Midas can dictate what you bring to the pitch, or you can dictate what he brings to the pitch.  I know a big thing is, at least at many local levels, is that Alchemists are just not as common as other teams.  They do have a pretty hard learning curve to get around.  I got in because they were the only thing in stock, I am sure others have as well.  So it may be easy to say my plan for Midas is to just duck him, when really, maybe you should take a little time and think about him.  Because I promise that he is thinking about you.



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