Arranged Marriage: Using Union in Guilds

Using Union in guild teams is a funny thing.  While I am a purist at heart, I will not deny when something works.  As I delve deeper in this game find myself dojoing out lists for all my teams.  Some could be easier than others and the use of Union is always on my mind.  So I want to take a bit of time to look through the Union roster and consider what they can do for the teams they work for and when they may be a good choice

Avarisse and Greede

Works for- Everyone

What they bring- Extra Activation, Goal Defense, Pushes, Singled Out

Dangers- Greede is basically another mascot.  He can die easily and does not come back. Big guys can be abused in bad match-ups.

Thoughts-  The standard usage is to keep them separated and have Greede hug the goal.  In most cases I would say that they are just used to get an extra activation at the end of the turn and generate INF.  I have even bought into the idea of using them with my Masons to really push the end of turn skew.  Flint getting three activations in a row is always fun. Brewers seem to like  Singled Out better than most and he fits their game quite well.

I would really like to see them get more use in the way that I feel they were intended, Avarisse delivering Greede for a first activation goal or take out.  If you can get Avarisse the ball at the end of the turn and at or beyond the center line, Greede should be able to easily bounce of someone and score or finish of a wounded . But then he is likely going to die a quick death.  I feel like he might be a reliable game ending missile, but then you are living with a 1 INF generating Avarisse all game until then.


Works for- Alchemists, Butchers, Engineers, Masons

What she brings- Flexibility, She can do a lot of different things

Dangers- She wants a lot of INF

Thoughts-  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Decimate.  She can so a lot in a support role for the team, but she wants to use a lot of influence to get it done and using up your INF is not something you want a support model to do, so you better make sure it is worth it.  I feel that Alchemists am Masons get the most from her.  Butchers have Thousand Cuts built in.  Engineers have Second Wind.  While Engineers would like TC, giving up 3 INF seems like a steep price for them, but she could be interesting in them as the team develops.

In Alchemists, I LOVE her with Vitriol.  TC makes her hit like a Mac truck.  With Masons, SW will help get models with 2 activations where you need them.  Very valuable.


Works for-Brewers, Fishermen, Morticians

What he brings- Tarpit, Brute Strengh

Dangers- Tarpit, can hurt friends.

Thoughts- Everyone lover Fangtooth.  He has become the honorary mascot of the game as a whole.  His main feature is Foul Odour, which can help control the field but since it effects friendlies, it can be a pain to work around.  Gluttonous Mass also now makes him harder to work around.  You need to have specific needs for him in most cases.  Fish can probably work with him the best since Shark and Angel are Light footed.  He really puts out a lot of damage on his own, which is something fish need. I would love to use him with Corsair, but I am not as sure on that. In Morticians and Brewers you may want Rage with him as a sidekick or he is mostly running solo.


Works for- Brewers, Butchers, Engineers, Fishermen

What she brings- Drag and damage

Dangers- Keeps getting nerfed, will hurt your own guys.

Thoughts- To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Gutter.  I get the attraction, but she is not for me.  Chain Grab is awesome, but prone to fail.  Engineers liked it before losing damage, but otherwise they are not about bringing people closer.  She has been worth while trying to drag models into the Morticians and Brewers.  She has also just loss some threat rang, so we will see how that goes.  As far as Scything Blow goes, she is one of the best with it.  IMO to get the most out of it you need to gang up which its friends in harms way.  She is also a liability against Midas who is almost an auto win with SB.

Harry the Hat

Works for- Alchemists, Brewers, Butchers, Engineers

What he brings- Control and buffs

Dangers- May not do enough to be worthwhile.

Thoughts- There are a few things going for Harry, but the high question is, Is it enough?  Goad is great, but can be unreliable.  It is best used before movements so one may Goad and walk away.  All team like this because it is a strong element of control.  Now just about everyone has access to it. I am not a huge fan of Crazy because I do generally prefer shorter playbooks.  Most players that have it have ugly long playbooks. Alchemists like Rising Anger, because generating momentum can be tough for them.  They also like the Inspiring Hat because they do have lower TAC and few buffs in team.  Brewers like anything that makes wrapping easier.

His downside though is that he only brings one INF and doesn’t seem to compensate for it nicely.  I feel that if he generated 2, people might be more willing to give him a whirl.


Works for- Alchemists, Brewers, Fishermen, Hunters

What she brings- Poison, Blind and healing

Dangers- Likely to be nerfed down to mascot status by years end.

Thoughts- Hemlock has gone from being queen of the pitch to almost not worth taking.  she still has a lot of utility that any team would like.  Now that blind effects KICK stats, Flint is on notice.  Brewers find a lot of value in Smelling Salts since they like to bunch up and get hit with AOEs, Ester does take that stock down a notch though.  Ultimately, her squishiness is a liability.  She use to be able to stand head to head with Boar, this is not really the case now.


Works for- Butchers, Hunters, Masons, Morticians

What she brings- Influence and range

Dangers-not terribly exciting

Thoughts-If you have a hole in your list and really just want some more influence, Minx can be alright.  She generates two and charges for free.  She also has insane treat ranges.  Her biggest issue is that she could be overshadowed by others.  Cosset and Chisel can fill her shoes pretty well.  What she does have going for her is Follow Up.  If she can attach herself to the right model she could be quite the nuisance.  Of course she would be giving up the free charge,  so that is not good.


Works for- Alchemists, Masons, Morticians

What he brings- A top tier Striker.

Dangers- Pretty Squishy, big target on his back

Thoughts-  I love Mist.  Mainly because I love scoring goals and I am not afraid to double up on strikers.  Before Bonesaw, he was the only Striker available to Morticians.  Alchemists and Masons do have strong strikers in guild, so you will only take him if you want to double up.  Other than being a striker and only a striker, there is not much bad to say about this guy.


Works for- Brewers, Butchers, Engineers, Mortician

What he brings- Momentum and Pain

Dangers- Can be dealt with by smart opponents.

Thoughts- Rage is a pain train that will run you over.  Any faction can make a good argument for taking him. The question becomes, Is he really what I need?  In most cases, Yes.


Works for- Alchemists, Fishermen, Mason

What she brings- Decent ball skills and High Def

Dangers- Can be sub-par compared to options.

Thoughts- She does not particularly excel at scoring or beating face. Her strengths are in being frustrating as hell to hit and fetching the ball. You want her in a role like Greyscales or Spigot, but most of those guys do more for others.  She does not. She has been on my roster many time, but seldom leaves the bench. 


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