So You Just Missed a Shot


You have planned the perfect shot. Moved your model and rolled the dice… 3,3,2… Now what.

After you scream, yell things, and get laughed at by your opponent the game must go on. What happens next is one of the most common mistakes in GuildBall.

 Obulus has just missed his shot. You do a Kick Scatter (p. 26) from the center of the goal.

 Place the ball-token in the final landing-spot after the scatter. Then the ball-token travels along the path between the original kicking model and the final landing-spot.  If the ball touches any part of the goal, you must use the rule of least disturbance and place the ball-token in base-contact with the goal along the original line of travel (p. 26 and p.39 Barrier)
 The ball-token would be placed here. Obulus would resume his turn as normal, as you only end your activation if you score a goal.

 Using the above rules, if Obulus made the kick(shot) attempt from this position then the ball-token would almost always be placed where he could perform a snap-to action if he missed the shot. If he was base-to-base with the goal then he would be able to snap-to on any missed shot.


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