Ester’s Eight

It is my normal policy not to dojo until I have a model in hand.  Fortunately by some miracle, I have Ester and may start the dojo. I am also trying to start thinking of teams of eight as oppose to six because that is generally how you play competitively, so it is a good habit to start.

There has been a lot of discussion about what her lists should look like.  Most of these discuss the merits of Stoker over Hooper or vice versa.  In my opinion, Ester brings a very different game then Tapper and plays a completely different role on he field.  So lets look at her eight and a few contenders for positions as well.

Core 6

Ester- Of course she is in the list, so what can she do.  She is actually very flexible, much more so than Tapper.  I believe her main position in the game will be center field so that ultimately Mash can be in position to score and still in range for his ARM buff.  She is one of the most survivable captains to date so she should be safe.  I believe the core of her team will want to remain pretty close to he and only venture out when needed to get the ball.  I think she is more of a 2-2 captain than 1-4.  Her role is control and she is very flexible at how she can do that.  She can activate early or late in the turn and use as much or as little INF as needed.  The trick to her will be figuring out when what is best.

Scum- Until something better comes along, he’s your cat. Here’s hoping for a better mascot for her.  I might recommend leaving him to tend goal.

Mash- Mash will be an auto-include with Ester considering she can single handedly get him up to 4+/2 defensively or give him the speed boost he needs.  I believe Esters game is all about positioning him to Snap Shot.

Stoker- IMO he is another staple in the list.  His ONLY downfall with her is lack of reach.  He can equally be 4+/2 if needed.  He can potentially get +3 to damage with Ester and Spigot. With 5 INF on him, that cold be a minimum of 20 points of damage.  50 if you hit everything!!

Stave-  I almost forgot to add Stave originally.  We all know his value, that doesn’t change.  Stoker will make it really hard to drop him in most situations.

Spigot- He does so much for so little.  He speeds people up and makes them kick better for  little cost.  Very important with all the 4″ jogs around.  He can also Tool Up and fetch the ball when needed.  Probably the MVP of this team.


Hooper- Don’t even try to argue that he can cause more damage than Stoker but he does have value.  Of course if you absolutely need more reach, he’s your man.  Let’s also not forget that being able to take Mash or Stoker to 3 Arm is insane.

Friday- Buffed correctly, she can have a 24″ threat to the goal.  That makes Flint blush.  I always say that if you want to really play a scoring game, have more strikers.  she fills that role well.


Gutter- She cannot be buffed by Empowered Voice.  She still has reach and the ability to move enemies around.  I am not a huge fan of her personally, but she may find a role in this list.

Hemlocke- My first though was she is not needed because Ester deals with conditions just fine.  She does have Blind though, and Poison really ups the condition game here.  She may be worth some considering, I am just not sure who I would replace her with.



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