Zen and the Art of Mainspring Maintenance: Getting Started

With an upcoming event I have decided to buckle down on my Engineers a bit. I figure my odds of winning a big event with them are better than winning a billion dollar Powerball or Cincinnati winning a playoff game, so here we go.

I have got a few games under my belt and they are starting to feel a lot less clunky.  The Engineers definitely have a different feel than any other team.  Most of my games have been all guild players, I don’t yet see much reason to go to Union with them.

Last night I had a pretty fun game with Corey, one of our local WM players, who is about 3 games in with his Masons.  Despite his noobish status, he is a quick learner and he does have Flint. He had Honor, Marbles, Harmony, Flint, Brick, and Mallet. I had Ballista, Mainspring, Compound, Ratchet, Salvo, Velocity.

He won initiative so I had to kick.  I went with Velocity and kicked it as far away from Flint as I could.  it ended up right by the center line about 8 1/2″ from Velocity.  This is where he made his first noob mistake, he didn’t go after the ball.  We talked about this after.  I know there MAY be times when getting the ball should not be priority, but this is not one.  Since I can easily generate momentum without it, he needs to start getting his own.

He moved models around pretty conservatively.  Honor and Flint were  in the middle of his line carrying most the INF.  Ratchet got them with Blast Earth to hold them back.  He moved up Brick to contest the ball with Counter Charge.  Ballista knocked him down and Second Winded Velocity.  My goal with he kicking was that maybe she could steal the ball and score, but with no one grabbing it I was working on plan B.  I believe he ended up Super Strating Mallet who only had 2 INF after that.

Velocity then Ran to grab the ball.  Passed it to Salvo.  Second winded to withing 8″ of the goal by cover and Mallet near by, not engaged.  He moved the monkey and tooled up Mallet.   Salvo ran forward, shot someone, then Snap Shot of Velocity for a SCREAMER!!!  Mallet then charged Salvo, who took a Defensive Stance and went unhit. Flint recovered the ball and positioned for turn 2

I got the initiative turn 2 and looking at the field I was excited.  If things worked out, Salvo could KD Honor, Harmony, and Flint 1st act.  Mallet and Brick were down, already (I forgot he charged Salvo first then Salvo shot him above) so that would start things of on a good foot.  Unfortunately, I was just out of 4″ from Ballista and only KDd Flint who had the ball. Honor and Harmony then ganged up on him knocking him down to 3 pts and generating plenty of Momentum.  I positioned Compound and used Horrific Odor.  Unfortunately, Flint found the sweet spot and completely ignored him to score (gave him Vengeance).

The ball went back to Ballista who KDd Flint, sprinted forward, pinged the Girls, used Mine Field (Flint just out), then make another Snap Shot to Velocity for a goal.  The monkey tooled up Brick.  Ratchet hit Brick with Blast Earth and Overclocked the bug. The bug then charged Flint and scored 9 hits, shaking him like a rag doll in and out of the Mine Field until his head exploded. Then he blew up catching the girls on fire and finishing off Salvo.  The turn ended with Mallet and Brick trying to get to Velocity and realizing how tough 5+ Def can be.

I won initiative again and it should have been easy to finish off Harmony at this point, But the dice gods were not with me.  3 shots total between Ballista and Ratchet (all using Bonus Time) failed to hit her.  This gave Flint the time to have Momentum built and get him back to his sweet spot for the win.  I hate Flint.

Overall a good game.  I think I need to practice a little more patience with this team.  I had solid control of things but ended up giving my opponent 4 VPs from self take downs.  If I would have kept my cool I probably could have controlled things enough to win at a leisurely pace.  This was the first time I really had Snap Shot pay off.  My big thing is that I really want to use Hoist, I just don’t think this was the match up for it.

-edit- I have since learned that the whole Mainspring/Flint thing was wrong on many levels which explains the dice gods denying me the victory. The main lesson is, “learn your rules noob!”


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