Brewers v Butchers

IMG_0292So we got a little game last night an actually remembered to document it a bit.  There was no plan here other than using Mash.  I basically just dropped him in place of Friday for the standard six.  Now I have other thoughts on that, but I will get to those later.  I had Tapper, Scum, Mash, Hooper, Spigot, Stave.  Jason had Ox, Princess, Boar, Shank, Boiler, Meathook.

Of course I lost the kick off.  I decided to lead with Stave to threaten the bomb.  I am still in the awkward stages of my relationship with the brewers.  Allocating Inf is not feeling smooth yet, especially when there is no knowing if or when I will have Momentum available. I do know that if I get a bomb off, Tapper and Hooper can mess someone up though.


As the turn went on it was basically him toying with the ball to gain momentum and move models on the pass. I just moved up Mash and Scum waiting for my moment.  Spigot also moved begrudgingly and put Tooled up on Hooper, knowing that if he could get a KD’d target, he could possibly end them.  I would have rather had a Momentum to activate Times Called, but, whatever.  I probably should have held back and prepped for next turn once I saw my plan not working out, but I was determined to bomb someone.

Then of course my Barrel missed Meathook and I found Stave face to face with Ox and Boar breathing down my neck.  I knew stave was toast, so my follow up plan was to try to get Hooper on Ox.


Tapper moved up and Marked Ox and put up Commanding Aura.  Boar charged Stave and left him at 2.  I charged Hooper in hoping to KD both Ox and Boar so that I could start next turn with a leg up since he was last activation.  Unfortunately, Ox had on Swift Stance.  He also Defensive Stanced and Countered so Hooper failed to KD and got pushed away.

At the start of 2 Ox finished Stave and used his LP, then walked over to beat on Hooper.  Tapper then went up and trashed the big man, knocking the ball out of his possession.  It is also at this point that I forget to keep taking pictures.  From the last one you can see Tapper had got charged by Boiler.  Shank comes in to finish him.  Meathook hits on Hooper a bit.  At this point I see a line with Mash.  Scum walks up to grab the ball then drops it right by Mash.

Mash has EXACTLY 16″ between him and the goal and I realize his biggest weakness. Only able to have 3 INF, he cannot Charge, Super Shot, and Score. 😦 Fortunately, I see a plan B. Spigot walks up to Boiler and generates Momentum for Times called.  Now Mash Can walk 6″, attack Boiler  for a 1″ push/dodge, Super Shot/Fb Legend 9″ kick for a goal!!!  Then I Knee Slide to get center field for the ball to come back. That was my only useful Plot card BTW.


Alas, the ball went to a good spot for him.  At this point it was mostly downhill.  Spigot went down easily.  Hooper took a beating like a champ but did go down.  Stave tried to break up the mob with another Bomb, but failed again.  Mash almost got the ball again, but princess snatched it up and ran away, dropping it in range for Shank to get it and pass it to OX to score. End game.


Overall, the game was awkward.  I definitely need to start thinking in terms of 8 not 6 so I can sub for my match-up.  I think swapping Stave for Friday and maybe Hooper for Gutter or rage would have changed up things enough to go for a more solid 2-2 game.  I like Mash a lot so far.  I am eager to see what happens with Ester.



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