Getting More for Less

This is an article I want to write for myself as much as anyone else.  This game is based on resource management and finding ways to function and contribute without resources is an important skill to build.  I have had many turns where the last few activations were wasted.  I assign all my INF to 3-4 models and the last 2 did not really have any real plans so they just sit there while my opponent builds the Momentum advantage their last few activations.  So today I want to explore ideas on how to get the most out of your models that you give no Momentum to.

Prime Targets

There are already a few models in the game that can get away with giving more than they take in the INF department. One obvious choice is your Mascot.  Sure, some of these guys can actually get work done, but for the most part you want to keep them safe and within range for buffs.  figuring out how to run them without allocating can help.  

Goalies are another model which I am not committed to saying can live without INF, but they can fall into the category.  Compound is my personal favorite.  For the most part, as long as your opponent is not directly threatening the goal, these guys can hang back and rely on innate abilities to get the job done.  Most of the time I just position Compound to threaten Counter Charge and get in the way of where the ball may be.

Models with other free abilities are also nice. Furious is the one that comes to mind as an obvious one.  Free charges can get stuff done.  The downside is that models like Boar and Rage can get quite a bit done with the low amount of INF they generate, so it can be hard to justify not putting any on them.

Obvious Tactics

Get in the way-  Models without INF can generally just move.  Putting them in position to be useful is important.  Commonly you want to either block paths, block passes, or crowd out.  

Stall- Another use is to stall your activation.  If you are waiting for your opponent to activate someone first, having a model with less important activational needs can help.  If they can position wisely, it may even put on the pressure for them to make their move sooner.

Moving the ball-  You don’t always have to pass to move the ball.  Simply Snapping To and dropping on the other side of a model can make the difference between your opponent having a chance to score or not.  Also do not forget that  Pass’N’Move can get some unexpected miles out of a model.  


That scratches the surface a bit.  I am sure there is a lot more out there that models can do on an individual basis.  From what I have seen of a lot of the season 2 models so far is that they are trying to build well rounded models that can serve a purpose at multiple times in the turn as well as with or without INF. My goal for now is to start paying more attention to how I can actively play models that don’t seem to have anything better to do.  


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