Fishermen v Butchers

I am not a big fan of battle reports.  I don’t really need all the details, just the highlights. So while I will make an effort to be a little more detailed in how I record my reports, I will always just stick to a bit of an informal summery.  Once we get a little more organized, Jason and I plan to do reports from both sides of things so you can maybe understand the game as a whole better.  For now, here is a little game we had last week.


So this was my first or second game with the Fish.  I was using Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Siren, Sakana.  He has Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Gutter, and Shank. I figured just go striker strong and see what these guys can do.  Here you see my Plot cards. Shark went for the kick-off.  Like with most new teams, I have no idea what needs to be done turn 1.  With no plan I just basically give everyone what they generate.  I figured use Shark to kick and see if he can get an early game steal-score, but beyond that, no plan.


Start of 1

So he moved Ox up to get the ball and pass it back.  I saw an opportunity to do something stupid.Siren walks up behind Shark and Lures Ox in. Ox ends up B2B with Shark.  I figure the whole team has got to be able to take him out right?!  That would be a good start to things.  I move the rat in just to crowd then charge with Greyscales and Sakana and get a pretty good start.  I figure Shark should be able to roll it up but dice fail me.  Angel chaarges in (which I later realize she couldn’t over the wall, I am still getting use to that) and wraps, but can’t do enough damage so she double double dodges to her position below once I noticed Princess hiding with the ball behind that wall.  Fortunately, once I realized I couldn’t kill Ox I went to Momentum generation and won initiative the next turn.


Start of 2

So here I am at the top of 2 with initiative and everyone within 8″ of Shark.  What do I do first… So I activate Shark, use Caught in a Net and fail to significantly damage Ox again.  Next I charge the pup with Angel and score.  The rest is a little hazy because of lack of documentation but lets hit the highlights. Ox and Shank took out Shark.  We redid Siren attacking on Shank 3 times because the first time we forgot to add crowding on Seduction attacks and the 2nd because we realized we can only Seduce once.  Turn 3.  Somehow Sakana got the ball from somewhere and passed it to Angel to score again. then Greyscales wove through Shank and Boar to somehow get the ball again and score for the win Or maybe the greyscales thing was first because I recall Gutter making a last ditch run at Angel to get the ball.


Anyway.  Things got hairy, we moved through.  Good game.  Morale- Don’t try to kill things with fish.


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