It’s a Girl!- Decimate

Gender identity seems to be a strong theme in this game.  Decimate has quickly become my go to 6th slot.  I kind of wrote her off after she lost reach, but now I appreciate her other assets.  I guess that was their way of settling her gender confusions once and for all

Overall, Decimate has good stats.  For the most part though, she plays a support role in my lists.  Second Wind allows a striker to go in and get the ball and then get out of there.  Thousand Cuts helps crank up Vitriol when you want her punching things.  Unfortunately it is not cheap to get off unless you can get into a KD’d, Crowded Out big guy.  I would much rather spend the 3 to put it up if I need it badly.

Alternatively, Decimate is just someone nice to have around in the backfield.  She is flexible and can serve multiple purposes. The biggest struggle is getting her the INF to do it.  On a good day, you are glad she is there.  On a bad day, you are cursing her for not having enough INF.


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