It’s a Boy!- Mist

Continuing my series of breaking down my competitive 8 man Alchemists roster I would like to start by stating that even though I am politely nodding every time you call Mist a girl during our games, in my head I am screaming at you that he is in fact male.  But that is ok, because he is about to take the ball and score on you like a boss.

Although I may think about swapping out Mist, I don’t really like doing it, and the more I play him, the less likely I am to do it.  Mist is the ultimate Striker.  He is fast, he can get the ball, he can get away, and he can score.  The best thing is that is doesn’t even need to be in that order.  I do not use him to replace Vitriol, I use him to increase threat vectors and keep my opponent on their toes.  Mist is one of those models whose potential threat is just as powerful as his actual threat and it is important to keep that in mind.

Like A Boss

My main role for Mist is kicking the ball when I inevitably go second.  Move forward and shoot straight up the middle to the big guy.  If they take the bait, you charge forward, trigger Where’d They Go and Tackle on the wrap, dodge behind them and score.  Hopefully you grabbed Knee Slider so you can get away as well.  Even if your opponent is savvy to this plan, they need to react to it and having the winner of the ball be in a reactionary position from the start is good.

Assuming the goal works, Mist has done his duty for the team, well almost. He is still a threat your opponent can not ignore.  You want to hopefully have him positioned somewhere behind their goal line so that they are at least having to move in the wrong direction to get him.  At this point you are accepting that he will give up 2 points, the trick is how hard will he make it on them.  I spent one game with Tapper chasing him around the back field for 2 turns which effectively took him out of the rest of the game.  I am ok with that.  Also consider allowing him to be pushed off the pitch.  Coming back with more health is better if you are going to be taken out one way or another.

Creating Threat Vectors

When I am going all in, I will generally load Midas, Mist, and Vitriol with as much INF as possible.  Mist is generally the first load I lighten when INF is needed elsewhere.  With 1-2 INF he can generally get around the board pretty well.  My goal is not to chase the ball, but anticipate where it may be and create threats to  get it.  This may mean counting on Compound and others to protect the goal on one end of the field while his presence threatens another.  Think of low INF turns as getting him into a position where he is safe, but can get work done next turn if someone brings the ball in range.

Vitriol and Midas are the ones who can dig in and get their hands dirty, Mist is the back-up.  Unless you know you are going to score, keep him safe and use him as a diversionary tactic.


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