We all know Hemlock is awesome.  Sadly, she use to be more awesome.  But she does bring a lot to the board.  She is a strong support piece with a bit of ball handling skill.  Unfortunately for this build, she spends a lot of time on the bench.

Blind is awesome.  Double Blind is better.  I have played her with Calculus and it was awesome.  This roster however does not have Calculus and I notice her fails more than her successes.  She does keep models from bunching up.  I find I really miss here higher Def and Reach from the old days.  She use to be able to stand up to Boar.  Now she manages to die even if he is blind.

She currently finds herself in the 7th spot in my roster.  I am looking forward to trying her in new builds once I get Venin, maybe a change to the 8th spot on my roster can revitalize her as well.  I do not hate what she does, but right now I just don’t feel her in this list.


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