Compound really changed my game.  Hopefully he is a template of things to come.  He is a fairly useful model even without using influence.  I have noticed a trend of less goals being scored when he is around but other factors are involved.

Mostly I use him as an Influence battery, especially early game.  All he needs to do is stand 4″ out from the goal and within about 4-6″ of friendly models.  His purpose is security of both the ball and the team.

Admittedly, I haven’t had much need to dig to deeply into him.  His treat seems to be enough to get things done.  I feel confident enough to play my team more aggressively with him around so that does a lot of work keeping the ball away.  The other benefit is keeping him as a counter charge threat to anyone who is close by.  I had one game where Midas ended his turn fairly exposed to Boar but I did not fear him first activation since Compound was there to charge in and KD a Momentumless Boar.

It is this security that I think helps hold the team together.  In my book, it is worth it to have someone who gives so much without asking for much in return.


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