Proving Ground

One of the thing this game has me excited about is building terrain again. For the past few years I have been all about 2D terrain, but now I am back in the 3D realm.

So for this set I went with the Proving Ground theme of a practice field. Having a bin of balsa wood in my classroom, I decided that would work. The idea is that it’s just roughly built wood terrain.

Balsa wood is nice and available at most hobby stores.  You can cut it with a hobby knife. Glue it with white glue. I also use little push pins to make life easier, although I didn’t have any for this. I forget their name, but they can generally be found with sewing supplies. They are about 1/2″ long and have tiny heads so they look like nails in the wood.

The “forest” is just a maze of boards sticking up     As always, make sure you have a base and removable trees.

Obstruction are roughly built I-beam walls. In my mind I assumed the rough nature of things is based on the fact that the Brewers guild offers free beer to volunteers to build it.

“Sliders” are fast terrain. I paint the top like metal sheets that you can slide across. I have since cut them in half to suit requirement.

I painted it all up like wood and covered it in the blood of noobs.

I also made a fairly unique barrier, but that gets its own article…


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