Wazat Smell

As some may already know, I am Wazatdingder on most nerd forums that I involve myself in.  I have had my moment as a troll and a rageaholic, but ultimately I am just very passionate about the games I involve myself in and have a flair for the dramatic that is often misunderstood.  I can also be quite stubborn and thick headed on rules, but if Jason was one of your primary opponents, you would understand the need for this.

Over the years, people have questioned my name and my avatar so I just wanted to take a moment to explain.

The name Wazatdingder comes from my Gorkamorka days.  He was a Mad Doc who known for saying “wazat ding der” as he operated and hence that is what all the other orks called him.  Over years he was always an evolving character in my mind and so when I joined my first forum, I used his name.  Nothing has ever come up that has made me want to change it, even if he is just considered a notorious troll in some circles.  I have tried in recent years to be more well behaved…

My avatar is a character from the Jim Henson HBO christmas special Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas.  It is my favorite christmas movie, I torture my students with it every year.  The fish is one of the ‘bad guys’ who have the rival band in the talent show.  He is a fish in a bucket who basically just spits water on people.  I picked out the image for one of those facebook “use a character that defines your personality as your avatar” things a while back and it just kind of stuck.



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