St. Louis Open- Weekend Report

I finally get a chance to sit down and reflect a bit on my WMW experiences with Guild Ball.  Please forgive me guys for my horrible memory.  I had a great time though and hope to have many more great GB experiences in the future.

My core 8 throughout the weekend was

Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Compound, Decimate, Mist, Hemlock, Snakeskin

Overall I was very happy going  5-0-1 for the weekend.  I found that each game tended to play very different based on what Midas stole and what Union members subbed in.  Although he did not do much, Compound is my new hero for how reliably he protected the goal.  I am unsure for the pickups, it was not many if any, but I conceded zero goals in the tourney.  I credit this to the fact that I felt more confident to play aggressively with the rest of my team with him back there.

Friday- I hung out in the demo room and played a few pick-ups.  My first was against Phil from GBT playing Fishermen.  Knowing he plays Alchemists, I still felt the need to remind him that Gutter is in his list.  He stated that it is his mission to prove that one should not build their team based on the fear of Midas and that played smartly a team should be able to take out Midas on the turn he steals Scything Blow.  Unfortunately, I do not thing the Fishermen are the team he was talking about.  He quickly realized (being new to the team) that dealing damage is not their thing.  I don’t remember many details about the game other than Mist and Vitriol chasing around Greyscales half the game.  I need to find a way to record things better.

Game 2- Matt playing Butchers?  Sorry, I am horrible with names, but I remember seeing you and Jeff playing in the Tourney, so I think that is right.  Again, you gave me Scything Blow…   I don’t remember details again, but I know it was fun and we had some great conversation afterwards.

Game 3- Jeff playing Union.  You did not give me Scything Blow, but you did teach me that Thousand Cuts is awesome and that I should take Decimate more often.  This game was probably the most mosh pitty of the weekend.  The highlight was that after stealing Thousand Cuts on a whim, I realized what a beat stick Vitriol can be.  Reduce Def, crowd out/pop smoke with Flask, then let he wail away.  Another great game.

I know Matt and Jeff were both inexperienced against Alchemists, but you were both great to play against, I hope to see you guys again.

Saturday-  Took a break from Guild Ball.  Played in Twin Terrors with Durst/Amon and 8 Devouts.  Took second because I forgot to feat with Durst on a critical turn.  L  The real bummer was the tourney went long and I got no GB that day.

SUNDAY!!—St Louis Open

Round 1- Mercedes playing Butchers- Helmock and Mist were my Union picks.  No Scything Blow, I stole  Swift Stance from Boiler.  I figured if I can keep models a Def 6 I can survive and score goals.  Played pretty conservative trying not to get dug in and Merc was smart with her positioning and protecting the ball.  I pulled off an early goal, but never really goth the ball back.  My downfall came when in my hungover state I needed to take a bathroom break at 5 minutes up on the clock.  This evened the clock out and we both clocked out about the same time which led to a 9-9 score when time is called.  Still a great game.  It was also interesting to see how clocking out works.

Round 2- Eric playing Brewers.  I started to choose Hemlock and Decimate, but switched Hem to Mist at the last second, which was good choice.  The round had a bonus prize to the team that scores a goal the quickest.  I kicked with Mist, he grabbed the ball and passed it to Stave!  Mist Charges stave, wraps, tackle/dodge, “Where’d they go”, GOAL!!!, Knee Slider away.  After that Midas stole Lob Barrel, because it’s awesome! We spent the rest the gam pretty spread out,  knocking each other down, and have all kinds of fun.  I was happy to let Tapper chase Mist around the back field and knock him out of bounds over 2 turns.  I scored another Goal and was set up for a 3rd but he had blocked me out pretty good.  It was at that time I realized Midas was standing next to a cat and Rage was almost dead nearby.  Midas KDd the Cat and finished it.  Vitriol charged Rage in cover.  12-8 final score.  Great game Eric.

Round 3-  Bill playing Morticians.  I did not realize I was paired up.  Stuck with Mist and Decimate.  So when Scything Blow is not an option, Unmasking is kind of a thing too.  I think I received the ball, which always confuses me because that does not happen.  The first turn unwrapped with me staying safe distances from Obulus and stealing Unmasking.  I lost initiative round 2 but noticed he was fairly clumped up in the middle with Midas right there in front of it.  He activated Silence and failed to tuck Midas moved up with 7 Inf to engage Cosset uncrowded and have everyone except Ghast in 3 inches.  The first his failed to Unmask, so I Heavy Burdened Obulus.  I didn’t miss again.  Everyone died, Bill called it.  Now in all fairness, upon later reflection, Cosset would have died early and I wouldn’t have killed anyone with more than 15 points, but I think Bill was fairly demoralized with the uphill fight it would have been anyway.  The rest of my team should have easily been able to clean up all the non-Ghast models that turn and then the whole team focused on Ghast would have gone poorly for him next turn.  Whatever the case, Thanks for letting me live the dream and allowing us to end the tourney early and get home before midnight.  You are the champ for that in my book Bill.

Overall I feel great about the weekend.  I had never done this well with my Alchs at home.  It is going to make it hard for me to put them away for a while now.  I hope to see you all again.


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