Getting to Know-Zach

I just want to take a few moments and introduce myself and where I come from.  My gaming career began like most in D&D.  We generally bounced around between 1st and 2nd edition.  Magic came out when I was in High School, unfortunately I didn’t start playing until 3rd edition.  After High School I got hooked on my first miniature game Necromunda.  This has since been one of my favorite games ever, unfortunately it requires a fairly intimate regular group to really be at its best.

From there I moved into 2nd edition 40k.  The modeling aspects of the game were a big draw, I felt as though I finally had a proper creative outlet.  I stuck with GW for about 10 years and played most everything they released.  I was primarily an Ork player, but other significant armies were Thousand Sons (the old metal ones) and a Necromunda model based IG army. I stuck with 4ok as my lead game until…

In 2000 I move from my hometown in Ohio to Lexington, Kentucky.  In Ohio, I came from a small basement/garage group of good friends that had lots of house rules and played 40k the way it was really intended, for fun.  In Kentucky, I realized that I had to make the move out into the sunlight and become a public gamer.  This was a big change for me, but one I never regretted.  I have always enjoyed playing by the actual rules.

As I learned to play in public and attend tournaments, I always found myself at odds with building fluffy armies and actually playing well.  Eventually I fell out of favor with 40k and the GW business model as a whole.  I then found Warmachine and never turned back.

While we bought into WM at its inception because it did look cool, I never took it serious until the MKII release.  I got in with a fairly competitive but small group and found myself excelling to a point where I could make top 5 in bigger events and top 3 in locals most of the time.

I lived and breathed WM for years, playing Menoth, Ret, Legion, Skorne, Mercs, and Minions.  At one point though I found myself getting to tweeked out about being competitive.  I had to reevaluate myself and who I wanted to be as a gamer so I took a real step back from competitive play.  I still enjoy competent and challenging play, I just really quit concerning myself with doing well.  If you feel the need to cheat me, I don’t get worked up, you obviously need the win more than me.  I love to lose round 1 and enjoy the losers bracket pressure free.

Finally, A few months back, we found Guild.  I am actually more excited about this game than I have been about anything in a while.  The low model count is nice, but the tactics are deceptively deep.  Alternating turns is something I really enjoyed strategically about Unbound games, so it is better here at a smaller scale.  I also find myself enjoying painting again since I can enjoy one model at a time and not drudge through units anymore.

Terrain creation and design has also been something I have enjoyed over the years.  Most of the terrain at out LGS was originally mine that I donated to make space for more.  In recent years I have focused more on quality felt and 2D terrain, but now I am enjoying designing 3D again.

Anyway, that’s a brief summery of where I come from.



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